🚀 I’m an Agile Software Developer who advocates Agile, XP, Lean, and DevOps methodologies and practices to enable businesses to succeed, innovate, and grow.
➡️ On my way to become a Technical Coach to enable Technical Excellence in Software Teams.

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How I work

My priority is business success, and to ensure that there is no other way than technical excellence.Technical excellence means that the team is able to release constantly, daily, multiple times per day. We release small increments of the software that add value to the customer; we gather feedback from it and then iterate.To ensure that development speed doesn’t start fast and become slow over time, I advocate the best practices for the team and context, typically Test-Driven Development, CI, Trunk-Based Development and OOP done well.With the principles of Lean, XP, Agile, and DevOps, my work is ensuring that the software we develop enables the company to succeed and innovate, without becoming a blocker.

Learn Agile Practices

Unlock Your Potential with Learn Agile PracticesWith Learn Agile Practices, I want to provide developers with the knowledge and skills they need to become leaders in their fields and drive positive change within their organizations through mastering Agile practices to achieve Technical Excellence. That's what I believe in.With my personalized coaching sessions, you can fast-track your growth and unlock new opportunities in your career. Whether you're a junior developer looking to level up or an experienced programmer seeking expert guidance, our coaching sessions are designed to help you succeed.Not sure about having a Coach? Enter our free Mentorship program: a monthly free 30-min session is available for everyone - and together we will understand what are your need and what I can do to help you.

My story

Born in Modena (Italy) in 1990, I have been passionate about technology and computers since I was a boy. From high school, my studies have been aimed at becoming a Developer - I tried university but for various reasons, it did not go well. Luckily, at 21 I started working as a Developer in a great company and I never stopped since then. In my spare time, I am passionate about soccer, which I also practice as an athlete, and music, cinema and videogames are passions that I cultivate, mainly as a fan.I am deeply passionate about Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies and practices, believing that they allow software development teams to be more effective and aim for technical excellence. I enjoy investing time to stay updated on new technologies and methodologies and improve my skills: I consider continuous improvement extremely important and I approach it through books, courses, conferences, meetups, and continuous training; my ideal company promotes and encourages this approach.The reason I started producing content is the Feynman technique: the best way to learn something is to try to teach it, talk about it, write about it, elaborate on the concepts to explain them to others - so I decided that creating content will be the final step of my learning path every time I study something new!My favourite quote
I'm not a great programmer, I'm just a good programmer with great habits
Kent Beck
Author of "Test Driven Development: By Examples" and many other books
Values and principles
I strongly believe in eXtreme Programming, with its set of values and principles that became the foundation of my professionalism as a programmer. Agile Manifesto is another milestone, that always remember me what are the right priorities to be a great developer that reaches great results, but also remember me that "finding better ways of developing software" is a never-ending objective and we must always aim to challenge current ways to do things in order to improve how we do them.
PUGMI - PUG Milano Organizer
In early 2022 I became co-organizer of PUGMI - PHP/Programming User Group of Milano.
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